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Ukulele Group Classes

Welcome to the Enumclaw Music Ukulele Group Classes. Classes are 50 minutes long and are once a week. Please read below to learn more about the different levels of classes and dates/times.

Beginning Ukulele:
This beginning ukulele class provides students with the basic knowledge needed to enjoy playing the ukulele at a beginner level covering how to tune, hold, and strum, as well as learn basic chords used in most songs. The goal is to play a variety of simple ukulele songs for the enjoyment of yourself and your friends. Parents are encouraged to participate alongside their child.

Duration: 1 - 2 Months
Prerequisites: None

Intermediate Ukulele:
Continue to develop skills and learn songs on the ukulele. This class will provide students with advanced learning to enjoy playing the ukulele at an intermediate level.

Duration: 2-6 Months (rotating class subjects each month)
Prerequisites: Students entering this class should have taken a U101 class or should be able to tune a ukulele and play C, F, G, Am, Em chords while making an attempt not to look at their fingers to form the chords. Perfect playing is not required. It is the effort that matters.

  Tuesday Classes


U101: Beginning Homeschool Ukulele (Tues 11 - 11:50a)

Ages: 7 to 17
Cost: $ 75.00 / Month

U102: Intermediate Homeschool Ukulele (Tues 12 - 12:50p)
Ages: 8 to17
Cost: $ 75.00 / Month


U101: Beginning Ukulele (Tues 6 - 6:50p)
Ages: All ages (kids 7 and older)
Cost: $ 75.00 / Month

U102: Intermediate Ukulele (Tues 7 - 7:50p)
Ages: All ages (kids 8 and older)
Cost: $ 75.00 / Month

  Saturday Classes


U101: Beginning Ukulele (Sat 10 - 10:50a)
Ages: All ages (kids 7 and older)
Cost: $ 75.00 / Month


  • Monday-Friday: 11a-7p
  • Saturday: 11a-6p
  • Sunday: 1p-5p
  • Holiday hours may vary

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