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Your local source for musical instruments, lessons, repairs, and rentals.
Open Monday-Friday: 10a-8p, Saturday: 10a-6p, Sunday: 1p-5p - Phone: 360-825-1191

Instrument Repairs

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We provide repair services for all your musical instruments. Here at Enumclaw Music, we treat each instrument as if it is our own, ensuring that you will be happy you came to us!

Common Repairs:
  Restring: Need new strings? We've got them! (Strings not included in price)
  • Ukulele Restring: $25
  • Electric/Classical/Acoustic Guitar/Bass Restring: $40
  • 12-String Guitar Restring: $55
  • Violin/Cello Restring: $40
  • Banjo Restring: $50
  • Mandolin Restring: $50
  • Additional Labor: $75 an hour
 - Cracked Instrument Repair: We fix certain cracked guitars, violins, cellos, etc. The price of this repair depends on the size, location, and severity of the crack. Most crack repairs cost $40-$80
 - Tune-Up: Is your instrument not playing like it used to? Do you think it could sound better? Bring it in and we will adjust and clean it for you! (This includes most instruments). Most tune-ups range from $60 on up depending on the instrument and time.
- Pad Replacement:  A single pad replacement costs $30
- Brass/Silver Instrument Deep Clean: We have special cleaning agents designed to give your instrument a deep clean, leaving your instrument looking spotless inside and out. Brass instruments cost $60, silver instruments cost $60. (Silver trumpets, trombones, etc. cost $60).
We also offer a wide variety of other repairs. If you have any questions, please give us a call at (360)825-1191.

How Long Will It Take?
It is our goal to have no repair in the shop longer than a week. We also aim to keep you updated on the repair- every time that we work on your instrument, we will send you an email/text and inform you regarding our progress or if it is ready to be picked up!

Expedited Repairs:
If you need your instrument repaired in a hurry, let us know, and we will make your instrument our top priority! Fees may vary anywhere from $25 depending on how busy we are at the moment.
We have both in-house and specialized shop services to provide the best care for your instrument. If we don't have the proper tools to fix your instrument, we can send it to another shop that is better equipped for the repair.

We also offer FREE repairs on all Enumclaw Music instrument rentals when you select our Maintenance and Repair Agreement.

Bring your instrument in for an estimate!

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  • Monday-Friday: 10a-8p
  • Saturday: 10a-6p
  • Sunday: 1p-5p
  • Holiday hours may vary

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