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Why take lessons from Us?

  • One-on-one instruction helps students to play better and progress more quickly than independent study.
  • Lessons can boost a student’s self-esteem by  having an instructor that will provide knowledge, support, and encouragement.
  • Our professional instructors have varied skill sets and can be individually paired for student success.
  • Our lessons are adaptable and fit each student’s level  and needs.
  • We have a comfortable environment with individual studios. Parents and guardians are welcome to observe lessons.
  • Our lessons are the most affordable in the area and start at $25 per half-hour

At Enumclaw Music, we provide a wide range of group and individual lessons for instruments that you want to play. All lessons are provided by private instructors in the Enumclaw Music studios. Contact the instructors directly or call us at 360-825-1191 with questions or to set up lessons, our friendly staff will help to match your student with the instructor that is right for them.

Enumclaw Music is a great choice for lessons with a broad selection of professional instructors who play a variety of instruments and have years of experience. Our instructors adapt their lesson plan to the skill level and needs of the student.

The cost of an instructor is a worthwhile investment, and learning an instrument is a skill that can last a lifetime. Playing along with songs online is fun, but there is no alternative to studio time with a private instructor who is in-tune to your personal learning style and tailors their lessons to YOU.

Lessons Available


  • Mon - Fri: 11-8
  • Sat: 10-6
  • Sun: 1-5
  • Holiday Day
    Hours May Vary.
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