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Guitar Group Classes

Welcome to the Enumclaw Music Guitar classes. Classes are 50 minutes long and are once a week. Please read below to learn more about the different levels of classes and dates/times.

Beginning Classes:
These classes are for students new to guitar and provides basic knowledge needed to enjoy playing the guitar at a beginner level. The class starts by learning how to tune, hold, and strum a guitar, followed by learning basic chords. The goal for each session is to learn one or more new songs using the skills learned along the way. 

Duration: 1 - 2 Months
Prerequisites: None

Intermediate Classes:
The ongoing intermediate guitar class is designed for beginner students building upon their base skills by learning new chords, songs using new strumming patterns, and working on technique. A student can expect to be in Intermediate Guitar for the duration of 6 months to learn all the different techniques and skill sets. 

Duration: 2-6 Months (rotating class subjects each month)
Prerequisites: Students entering this class should have taken a G101 class or should be able to tune a guitar and play C, F, G, Am, Em, A, D chords while making an attempt to not look at their fingers to form the chords. Perfect playing is not required. It is the effort that matters.

Thursday Classes


G101: Beginning Homeschool Guitar (Thurs 11 - 11:50a)
Ages: 7 to 17
Cost: $ 75.00 / Month

G102: Intermediate Homeschool Guitar (Thurs 12 - 12:50p)
Ages: 8 to 17
Cost: $ 75.00 / Month


G101: Beginning Guitar (Thurs 6 - 6:50p)
Ages: All ages (kids 7 and older)
Cost: $ 75.00 / Month

G102: Intermediate Guitar (Thurs 7 - 7:50p)
Ages: All ages (kids 8 and older)
Cost: $ 75.00 / Month

Saturday Classes


G101: Beginning Guitar (Sat 10 - 10:50a)
Ages: All ages (kids 7 and older)
Cost: $ 75.00 / Month


  • Monday-Friday: 11a-7p
  • Saturday: 11a-6p
  • Sunday: 1p-5p
  • Holiday hours may vary

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