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Beginning Ukulele (Sat 10-11am)

Ages: All
This beginning ukulele class provides students with the basic knowledge needed to enjoy playing the ukulele at a beginner level covering how to tune, hold, and strum, as well as learn basic chords used in most songs. The goal is to play a variety of simple ukulele songs for the enjoyment of yourself and your friends.

Prerequisites: None

Beginning Guitar (Sat 11-noon)

Ages: All
This class is for students new to guitar and provides basic knowledge needed to enjoy playing the guitar at a beginner level. The class starts by learning how to tune, hold, and strum a guitar, followed by learning basic chords. The goal for each session is to learn one or more new songs using the skills learned along the way.

Prerequisites: None.

Beginning Homeschool Orchestra (Mon/Wed/Fri 9-10am)

Ages: Kids 7-17
In this class, kids will learn how to start playing the instrument of their choice, violin, viola, cello, or double bass. They will learn how to read music, the basics of music theory, rhythm, and articulation (how to move your bow). The kids will learn how to play confidently and well both as a group and individually, and how to perform together as well.

Jun 12
Intermediate Homeschool Orchestra (Mon/Wed/Fri 10-11a)
Jun 13
Beginning Homeschool Guitar (Tues 11-noon)
Jun 13
Intermediate Homeschool Guitar (Tues 12-1p)


  • Monday-Saturday: 10a-8p
  • Sunday: 11a-5p
  • Holiday hours may vary

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